A Small Relief in Times of Big Worries

What a relief!

I just found my kid’s logins for the web-based work he normally does in class. Not being able to find the freaking logins only compounded my stress. My Fitbit has been pointing out that my heart rate suggests I’m stressed out, and that perhaps I would like to purchase their calming/relaxing techniques package. No! I really wouldn’t! But thanks, Fitbit, for noticing and reaching out.

Deep breath…Ahhhh.

Just like everyone else, I’m wondering about everything in my life. How will I successfully home school my child? How will we pay the bills? Are my family members okay? My kid is an only child. How many video chats is going to keep him feeling connected?

No one has the answers. We all just have to adjust daily — sometimes hourly — and be patient.

Normally this website is dedicated to the numerous businesses and organizations in Albuquerque that offer kids’ activities and family-friendly fun. Right now it’s important that we stay home and create our own family fun…Have you heard about Dion’s Make Your Own pizza kits, or Paint Your Own Pottery To Go at Creativity Warehouse?

On the ABQKids Facebook page I’m posting all the at-home educational, crafty, and fun activities I come across. Share any you see and tag us — @abqkids — and let’s support each other through these crazy times.

Deep breath.

Since there are no upcoming events, I’m going to take this opportunity to give this site a tune-up. When events start to ramp up again and we are allowed to hang out and have fun, we will bombard you with event information and coupons galore. Please, sign up for our email newsletter, because that’s where the coupons will be!