ABQ Mom’s Invention is a Big Help for Little Hands and Feet

Albuquerque mom Tina Bagon remembers asking her sons “Guys, why is it taking so long for you to put on your shoes?”

To her kids, the answer was obvious: “Because it’s hard!

That’s when Bagon, who is a licensed personal trainer, stepped back and thought about what it takes for a kid to put on shoes from a physical therapy and training standpoint. And she realized they were right. It IS hard.

Little Piggy Shoehorns just for kids by Bright Kids.
Little Piggie Shoehorns

So she invented the first shoe horn just for kids, Little Piggie Shoehorns.

“The size and shape is designed specifically for the size and width of children’s hands and feet,” she said, “and helps kids to train their muscles and to make a mind/body connection.”

The shoe horns help the hands and feet do what the brain is telling it to do. So the kids can get out the door and go…be kids.

Little Piggie Shoehorns launched in January. The shoe horns were carefully designed and developed to be the safest, highest-quality product possible. And they are 100% Made in the USA, from the materials to the production.

“The shoe horns are a huge help is getting on sports shoes,” said Begon, whose sons play Little League. “We always have a couple in the gym bag.”

Little Piggies are available on the Bright Kids website, and on Amazon.

A kid uses a Little Piggie Shoehorn to get on her shoes.
“I did it!” Little Piggie Shoehorns help kids of all abilities get their shoes on faster.