Creating Trinkets and Memories at Creativity Warehouse

When kids are tiny it seems like every little thing is a memory in the making — the cuddles, the peek-a-boos and fist bumps, the story times and car rides. Everything is a milestone or a development.

As the kids get bigger, though, the routines set in and the special and unexpected moments are more rare. If we carve out a space, though, Big Kid Memories are within reach.

Recently I carved out some time, and I’m so glad I did. My ten year-old and I had am amazing time at the Saturday Kids Project at Creativity Warehouse.

An ABQ Kid carefully glazes a creature she made out of clay at Creativity Warehouse's Saturday Kids Project.
An ABQ Kid glazes a creature she made from clay.

Creativity Warehouse is a bright, welcoming space that invites any kind of creative projects. They’ve already hosted casual and fun classes in beading, painting, and ceramics…and they’ve only just begun!

A sign in the ceramics area says “Our Happy Place,” and that is as true for the participants as it is for the owner, Tommie, and her right-hand lady, Abby.

Every Saturday they host a Kids Project… usually it’s playing with clay. Kids 4+ and their parents sit and create together — anything they want.

Tommie is SO nice, and happily guided the kids through waking up the clay by smacking it on the table, and then making pinch pots, and then turning those pinch pots into monsters! And she made a monster, too. She was so happy with it that she started talking about entering it in the State Fair.

Simple clay pinch pot becomes a clay monster at Creativity Warehouse's Saturday Kids Project
Baby Yoda, with a monster pinch pot keeping Yoda company in the background.

I enjoyed watching my kid turn his pot into a Baby Yoda. And our friend turned her pinch pot into an owl. Now we wait. While the kids are at school and I am at work, our clay trinkets are slowly drying. When they are ready, Abby will put them in the kiln. And someday our monsters will be ready to come home.

And that monster will make me think of how fun it was to sit next to my son, and create something silly, and watch his tongue stick out when he was concentrating, and how he laughed when I accidentally knocked Baby Yoda’s eye off and had to fix it. (Doh!)

Creativity Warehouse has classes and open studio time for adults/big kids and projects for kids on Saturdays and school holidays. Sign up for the weekly ABQ Kids email for Creativity Warehouse coupons!

Creativity Warehouse
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Creativity Warehouse in Albuquerque