Local Business, Local Hosting

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

The Albuquerque WordPress community is amazing.

When I began building the ABQ Kids website ages ago, I started attending the WordPress Work-Alongs at Ideas and Coffee, a coworking space run by Southwest Cyberport and hosted by Jamii Corley, one of the most patient and supportive people I know.

Because I’ve been working on this site mostly alone, I enjoy going to the work-along meetings and chatting about my progress and learning about other people’s projects.

So when the hosting of ABQ Kids came to be renewed, I was happy to transfer the hosting of this site to SWCP, which is not just a local business‚ — it’s right down the street from me. Did I know HOW to transfer the site from Point A to Point B? No. Did I wait until the last minute, making the process a little harder? Yes, yes I did. Did the folks at Southwest Cyberport find a way to do it and make it sound like it was no big deal? Yes, they did. Did they have to work after normal business hours and do some sort of wizardry to get it done? Oh, boy! Yes they did. On top of the heroic customer service, I am saving money.

Now ABQ Kids, which works to support and promote local kid-friendly businesses, is almost 100% local itself. I need to switch to a local bank. Suggestions?


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